IBO – Intensive attendance on-site

IBO is a form of educational assistance for young people and adolsecents who have committed several offences and who live in the city of Augsburg.

The direction for this intensive care on an individual basis comes from the youth welfare service in juvenile court proceedings in Augsburg and can be confirmed by a direction from the judge. IBO usually comprises an ambulant assistance running for twelve months and with an attendance of six hours per week.

Apart from individual ambitions, this kind of cooperation mainly aims at preventing further offences, learning a self-reliant conduct of life, fostering the social skills and integrating the participants in school or at the workplace.

Main concerns

  • Making contact and building trust by means of detached care
  • Agreement on and control of duties and individual ambitions
  • Support in coping with individual problems
  • Crisis intervention in exceptional situations
  • Joint leisure activities (sports, experiential education)