Judicial direction to work

Community service is a sentence imposed by the juvenile court or the public prosecutor. The services that have to be rendered usually range between 8 and 80 hours. BRÜCKE oversees and attends the whole process, keeps in touch with the deployment locations and reports the hours worked to the public prosecutor’s office respectively the local court.

First every young person has to come round to the BRÜCKE office personally. In a first interlocution we talk about the reason why he or she was assigned and about the process. Then we look for a proper deployment location. Usually these are supporting services in retirement homes (kitchen, housekeeping, facility management), welfare centres and day care centres, at sports facilities and cemeteries, in hospitals, recycling depots, youth centres and all kinds of non-profit organizations. For young people who can render their services only at weekends there’s a reduced number of deployment facilities.

In special cases there is also the opportunity to render the community services under educational attendance and in the context of project work.